LATEST K7RA HF Propagation Bulletin

From Tad Cook, K7RA
Seattle, Washington, USA
To all Amateur Radio Operators

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 20:28 GMT

Sorry for the long delay in getting this bulletin out, which normally occurs on Friday, but is now being released on the following Tuesday. This was the result of an automatic operating system update gone bad, which has me now actively considering open source alternatives. It still isn't fixed. Average daily sunspot numbers for the recent reporting week (August 3-9) rose 7.1 points to 12.1, and average daily solar flux rose from 71 to 73.2. Average daily planetary A index went from 5 to 11.3, and mid latitude A index rose from 6 to 10.9. Predicted solar flux for the near term is 74 on August 15-21, 72 on August 22, 68 on August 23-28, 70 on August 29, and 72 on August 30 through September 8. Predicted planetary A index is 5, 16, 26 and 20 on August 15-18, then 16, 14, 12, 10 and 6 on August 19-23, 5 on August 24-29, then 12, 24, 18 and 14 on August 30 through September 2, and 5 on September 3-8. W7WKR sent this: Max White sent this: Ward Silver, N0AX and others reminded me that the upcoming HamSCI experiment this month in conjunction with the solar eclipse is not actually sponsored by the ARRL, but is a creation of HamSCI, Ham Radio Science Investigation. Check them out at, . If you would like to make a comment or have a tip for our readers, email the author at